Economic justice

Culture Shift: How 2 Nonprofits Are Using Art to Inspire Visionary Economic Justice – Non Profit News

Two organizations dedicated to supporting nonprofits as they shape social justice narratives have teamed up to distribute lesson plans and discussion guides to promote difficult conversations about economic justice in our schools and communities. communities. They follow a long tradition across the world of amplifying voices through striking visual imagery in the hopes of turning […]

Economic justice

The Black Caucus seeks to advance police reform, economic justice and the ‘black agenda’

Legislative Black Caucus Chairman Darryl Barnes (D-Prince George’s), flanked by Sen. Antonio L. Hayes (D-Baltimore City) and Del. Stephanie M. Smith (D-Baltimore City) in 2019. Photo by Danielle E. Gaines After a year marked by social unrest shrouded in a global pandemic, members of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland have their sights set on […]

Economic justice

Reshaping the Economy: Health, Racial Disparities and Economic Justice – Non Profit News

Click here to download the accompanying slides Building on a series of articles from the Winter 2020 issue of Quarterly non-profit, this webinar in our Redo the economy series looks at health care, the largest sector of the US economy. Famously, the United States pays far more than any other country for health care—17.7 percent […]

Economic integration

Expansion of CPTPP conducive to regional economic integration

Illustration: Tang Tengfei / GT As one of the world’s leading free trade blocs, the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is about to see a new candidate – the UK which has just left the EU. . The accession of more members will strengthen the scope of the agreement, accelerate economic and […]

Economic justice

Actor and activist Hill Harper talks about economic justice at MLK Day vigil

After actor and activist Hill Harper published his first book, “Letters to a Younger Brother,” he discovered that juvenile court judges had assigned his work to book reviews. These reports led him to receive letters from incarcerated young black men, including one from a 16-year-old named Bryan. “As you said in your book, a lot […]

Economic justice

Martin Luther King Jr.’s Vision for Economic Justice: NPR

Mary Louise Kelly of NPR speaks with Michael Tubbs, Stockton, Calif., Former mayor and founder of Mayors for a Guaranteed Income, about Martin Luther King Jr.’s impact on the fight for a universal basic income. MARY LOUISE KELLY, HOST: Basic universal income is basically money that goes straight into people’s pockets without any strings attached. […]

Economic justice

Ensure economic justice for all immigrant families in the third stimulus bill

As President-elect Joe BidenJoe Biden White House: United States Donated 200 Million COVID-19 Vaccines Globally Police recommend charges against four people over Sinema bathroom protest. renewed his call to a third series of stimulus checks Friday to help Americans in difficulty, it would do well to start by correcting the exclusions of the first two […]