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Airtel strengthens network quality and improves infrastructure

Emma Okonji

Telecom service provider, Airtel Nigeria, has announced a major upgrade and overhaul of its nationwide network infrastructure to ensure its more than 50 million customers continue to enjoy the best experience on services voice calls and mobile Internet.

As part of this exercise, Airtel has upgraded all its 2G and 3G sites to 4G to deliver expansive mobile broadband and seamless voice calling experience.

Speaking on the network expansion and upgrade exercise, Airtel Nigeria Managing Director and Managing Director Surendran Chemmenkotil said Airtel remains focused on ensuring customers continue to enjoy the better experience on the network while noting that the company is committed to taking mobile broadband everywhere, including to the most remote rural areas of the country.

“Our commitment is to our customers and we strive to ensure that they continue to have the best and good experience on our network. This exercise is inspired by the fact that we want to serve our customers better and we also want to contribute significantly to deepening broadband expansion in Nigeria, as this has a direct correlation to a country’s GDP and economic productivity.

“Therefore, we will continue to support the federal government’s program to increase and expand broadband penetration in the country,” Chemmenkotil said.