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America’s Frontier Fund will convene the Quad Investor Network

ARLINGTON, Va., May 24, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — America’s Frontier Fund (“AFF”), a not-for-profit leading-edge technology investment fund, today announced that it will lead the Quad Investor Network (QIN), a new initiative that aims to bring together leading technology investors, leaders and founders from four democratic countries to strengthen cooperation and joint investment in emerging technologies and supply chain infrastructure.

The governments participating in the May 24 Quadrilateral Security Dialoguea strategic company between Japan, India, Australiaand United Statesjointly welcomed opportunities to raise capital for critical and emerging technology investments across the Quad.

Ensure that emerging technologies and supply chains advance democratic values ​​and economic prosperity around the world, United States must deepen its engagement with its allies and partners,” mentioned Gilman Louie, CEO and co-founder of America’s Frontier Fund. “We can still determine the impact of these technologies on our future, but only if we act now. The QIN is an essential pathway for co-developing emerging technologies that will propel the next wave of global innovation.

The Quad Investor Network will be an independent private consortium of trusted technology leaders from Quad countries with the goal of identifying and developing bold initiatives to strengthen joint research, development and investment in fundamental technologies, including microelectronics , 5G/6G, quantum, advances in energy and materials, and biotechnology.

We have the opportunity to harness the talent, capital and markets of the world’s largest democracies to accelerate the commercial scale of tomorrow’s technologies,” mentioned Jordan BlashekPresident and Co-Founder of America’s Frontier Fund. “We look forward to working with many of the Quad countries’ most qualified technologists and investors to advance strategic cooperation across India, Japan, Australiaand United States.”

The QIN will be managed by AFF as a critical initiative to build deep technology capabilities with allies and partners. Led by Gilman Louie, venture capitalist and former commissioner of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, AFF is an independent, nonprofit organization with a bipartisan board of technologists, investors, and executives. of national security.

About America’s Frontier Fund: America’s Frontier Fund (“AFF”) is United States’ premier high-tech investment fund focused on securing America’s technology leadership for a new era. AFF’s team of scientists, investors, and national security experts have a proven track record of four decades of delivering both strategic advantage and outsized returns. As a mission-driven nonprofit, AFF partners with startups, industry, universities, labs and governments to invest in the next wave of companies and platforms. -high-tech forms for the benefit of the United States and its allies.


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