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Anthony Albanese promises Aussies a ‘better future’

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese promised Australians “a brighter future” when speaking to the press earlier today.

Mr Albanese’s speech comes after Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced the May 21 election date earlier today.

Mr Albanese said Australians deserved to know what the future holds for them after two extremely difficult years.

“This government has no program for today, much less a vision for tomorrow,” he said.

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Mr Albanese said the Morrison government had included “one-time payments” in the budget as a band-aid solution ahead of the election.

“[The Morrison government] demonstrated this in their budget which was nothing more than a gimmick for an election campaign, with one-time payments to be stopped when the votes are counted.

“They think it will be enough to give them a second decade in power. We can and must do better. The pandemic has given us the opportunity to imagine a better future, and…Labour has the policies and the plans to shape that future.

The Leader of the Opposition said Labor plans for the future will include ‘more secure jobs, stronger health insurance, cheaper childcare [and] make our future here”.

Mr Albanese also directly attacked Prime Minister Scott Morrison saying he ‘won’t disappear’ in the event of a disaster.

“If I have the honor to be your Prime Minister, I can promise you this: I will lead with integrity and treat you with respect. I will restore confidence in our political system by getting rid of waste and corruption, and establishing a strong anti-corruption commission. I won’t fail when the going gets tough.

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