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Aotearoa joins the network of the International Climate Council to support global climate action

He Pou a Rangi, the New Zealand Commission on Climate Change has partnered with a group of evidence-based international climate advisers to implement global climate action.

The International Climate Councils Network (ICCN) was launched today (Monday 1 November New Zealand time) as world leaders gathered at the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

He Pou a Rangi’s Climate Change Commission chairman Rod Carr said the group would mean information, knowledge and expertise will be shared internationally and countries will work together to solve a global problem. .

“Global climate action requires global collaboration. This network means we all sing the same song as we advise governments on what to do to tackle climate change and take action, ”he said.

The network is made up of 18 leading climate advisory bodies that provide independent expert advice to governments. Together, countries contribute 10% of global emissions.

The network’s mission is to foster collaboration between Climate Councils and guide climate change mitigation and adaptation actions globally to help implement the Paris Agreement.

“Having strong independent climate bodies is essential to drive the necessary climate action,” said Dr. Carr.

“The combined efforts among major international players mean that we can learn and contribute to new knowledge and technologies to ensure global emission reductions.”

In an open letter to heads of government, including Climate Change Minister James Shaw, the international network laid out its five key principles for enabling global action on climate change.

These are: sound climate science; a commitment to provide independent and evidence-based advice; taking into account the socio-economic aspects of the transition; the need for impartial consultation with stakeholders and the emphasis on mitigating, adapting and achieving a just transition.

The network’s launch follows a series of successful virtual meetings between International Climate Councils earlier this year.

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