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Bee2Bee Network Learning Program Announces Launch of New $30M Learning Expansion Endowment Fund and New Cryptocurrency, Bee2Bee Coin, (BEE)

WINDERMERE, Florida., August 8, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — The Bee2Bee Network Learning Program is proud to announce the launch of its new “$30 million Apprenticeship Expansion Endowment Fund” and its signature cryptocurrency, Bee2Bee Coin, (BEE) which will support innovative business initiatives for its registered IT-based learning program. Another “Apprentice Coin” will also be co-branded as NFT with client and employer partners.

Approved and endorsed by the Florida Department of Education and the United States Department of Labor, the Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship Program creates and extends registered apprenticeship programs and industry-recognized apprenticeship programs (IRAP) in high-demand areas including cybersecurity, information technology, telehealth and healthcare. , E-Commerce, Digital Marketing, Real Estate, Retail, Fashion, Entertainment, Tourism and FinTech. Current participating apprentices include high school, college and university students from 67 counties in Florida and 9 states and passing from New Florida College to iconic HBCUs such as Howard University and Alabama A&M University.

The program is also made up of a national and international consortium of companies, higher education institutions, local workforce development boards, apprenticeship programs and industry partners who are leading the way. to Americans of all backgrounds to learn computer and IT skills to qualify for the myriad of vacant high-earning opportunities in today’s American workforce. In a new strategic approach, one of the network’s goals is to build understanding of apprenticeship and build capacity by working closely together to support local manpower boards to effectively facilitate labor law. Workforce Innovation and Opportunity (WIOA) which supports related training for apprentices.

The Bee2Bee Network Apprenticeship Endowment Fund and Bee2Bee Coin will generate a permanent flow of capital to support the national expansion of the Bee2Bee Network Registered Apprenticeship Program. The McCoy Federal Credit Union has been chosen to manage the new fund that will help employers build a skilled technical workforce while helping apprentices build important financial literacy skills. Apprentices earn by acquiring new technology skills, certifications, soft skills in addition to the financial opportunity to purchase and/or earn Bee2Bee Coin cryptocurrency during their apprenticeship, which will serve as an investment vehicle tangible and growing for their future. More importantly, the Bee2Bee coin can also be used to purchase goods and services, including real estate through the LifeStyles In 360 e-commerce virtual purchase NFT platform that the apprentices work on.

Since 2011, the Bee2Bee Network Internship/Learning Program has independently funded and provided experiential learning opportunities in STEM/STEAM fields such as software design, development and emerging technologies. The Bee2Bee Coin is not only a sustainable and green cryptocurrency investment vehicle for social good, but also aims to encourage learning as a viable career option for personal, professional and financial mobility. positive from his apprentices. For example, as a bonus, each apprentice receives a Bee2Bee coin at the end of the apprenticeship program and is also prepared for another opportunity to start their own business.

According Joshua Wilkinsveteran, “This has been one of the greatest experiences I have ever been part of. The company has really helped me as a veteran coming out of the military to start my own business. I was very grateful to follow courses for Salesforce Certification and earn a salary while I got on-the-job training and valuable industry certifications.”

In addition to partnering with industry giants such as Salesforce and Google, the Bee2Bee Network Learning Program also partners with employers to design, develop and facilitate personalized learning programs that will ultimately ensure recognize that apprentices are paid to learn new skills on the job while adding immediate improved performance value for employers. This apprenticeship model is mutually sustainable for employers and apprentices, as it does not require either party to make excessive reinvestments in refining and updating industry certifications through traditional education models, including lost travel time for apprentices. The apprenticeship program model is 100% virtual, offers affordable housing options, and offers employers the ability to find qualified candidates from all walks of life. Most importantly, the program ensures diversity, equity and inclusion within the tech industry and beyond by supporting high school, college and university students, all the way to graduation. degree, including youth, veterans, youth in foster care, those involved in justice, and traditionally underserved groups such as women, people of color, people with disabilities, LGBTQ+ youth, and people with disabilities. rural communities by directly responding to local needs for technological training and employment.

“As thought leaders in the field of software development and learning about information technology and emerging technologies, our business model is based on creating an innovative and sustainable ecosystem of highly qualified talent. , fair access to new and emerging technologies, direct access to major industry employers and funding opportunities.

Software development and IT cut across all industries, and as a software company, we develop talent first and software second. Today marks a new day for technology-enabled learnings and we must pivot and embrace what the market is telling us. ” said Yasmine P. Clarke, CEO. “The Bee2Bee Network Learning Program is what the market needs right now, and we are laser-focused and uniquely qualified to identify and nurture new talent from all walks of life.

We launched this program in Florida in 2011 with the field support of local businesses. Today we are a statewide registered apprenticeship program in 67 counties across Florida, and we recently scaled 9 different and growing states. At no time in history has the “Pursuit of Happiness” for All been more accessible than today for our apprentices! Our unique apprenticeship program serves to teach, empower and positively transform the lives of our apprentices, including their standard of living. said its founder, Ms. Yasmine Clark.


According to recent estimates from the US Department of Labor, job openings are currently at an all-time high – 11 million – with only 5.5 million workers available as of May 2022. The “big quit” continues with more than 4 million workers quitting their jobs. For employers, the challenge is to connect future workers to career opportunities and bridge the “training gap” between the skills taught and those needed by employers.

Expanding recorded apprenticeships can open doors for people wanting to enter the labor market and provide a way to tap into underutilized human capital. These programs can also bridge the gap between entry-level positions that require skill, ambition, on-the-job training, and a talented workforce that can also earn by learning.

Recorded apprenticeships also have the potential to create greater diversity among a company’s workforce and the ability to provide workers who have been displaced by economic changes with greater job security and better career opportunities. – (

The current economy and high number of unfilled well-paying jobs and lack of skilled workers is impacting employers across the country and especially in Florida. For example, Workforce Region 12 in Orange County, Florida is home to the learning program of the Bee2Bee network and technology companies such as Disney, Lockheed Martin, Siemens, Deloitte, KPMG and Universal. The region is expected to have 24,000 new job openings in the software industry through 2029. Overall, this is a growth increase of 25.5% with an expected increase of 31.8 % of new software development opportunities. These economic conditions provide a great opportunity for the Bee2Bee Network’s apprenticeship program, which has traditionally used the apprenticeship and compensation model to help employers “create” their next generation of workers.

Participating students Colleges and universities

New Florida College Howard University Independence University Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Indiana University Bloomington, Middle Tennessee State University (MTSU), Clark University, Full Sail University Valencia College, Rollins College, Borough of Manhattan Community College

SOURCE The Bee2Bee Network Inc.