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Canada’s Stem Cell Network makes its largest investment in regenerative medicine research

The Stem Cell Network (SCN) of Canada today announced $19.5 million for 32 research projects and clinical trials in stem cells and regenerative medicine. This investment is SCN’s largest injection of funds into the sector in its 20-year history, made possible by increased funding from the Government of Canada in 2021. With in-kind and cash support from 34 partner organizations Worth $22.4 million, this investment enables Canada’s regenerative medicine research community to mobilize a total of $42 million for research activities and clinical trials over the next three years.

Stem cells have traditionally fueled the field of regenerative medicine (RM) which focuses on the regeneration, repair or replacement of damaged or diseased cells, organs and tissues. Stem cell therapies have been used for many years to treat blood cancers such as leukemia, but they hold tremendous promise for one day treating rare, chronic and life-altering diseases such as type 1 diabetes. , heart disease, kidney disease and neurological disorders. like Alzheimer’s disease. As science rapidly advances, the techniques, approaches and tools that can be used to advance risk management also evolve.

The projects and clinical trials announced today by the SCN will take place across the country and will involve more than 400 researchers, clinicians and trainees. Fifty-nine percent of the projects will be led by women, including 12 projects led by early career researchers. In total, the projects cover 20 different areas and diseases such as stroke, cardiovascular disease, type 1 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, muscular dystrophy, blood cancers, multiple sclerosis, wound healing and sepsis.

The largest of the projects funded by SCN today is part of a new multi-year program, the Horizon Fellowships. Worth $3 million per award, it is the largest award offered by SCN in the past decade and focuses on conducting innovative research and developing transformative technology solutions to address challenges. regenerative medicine that will result in both health and economic benefits over the next decade. Horizon Fellowships are also intended to initiate research and create Canadian intellectual property that will generate translation or commercialization activities. Three national multidisciplinary teams received Horizon Awards for conducting research focused on next-generation therapies for treating blood cancers, advancing cardiac regeneration, and scaling and biomanufacturing personalized therapies for the type 1 diabetes.

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