Economic justice

Course on Socio-Economic Justice through Human Rights

Deadline: 27-Feb-22

The Global Campus for Human Rights is pleased to announce an open call for the course on Socio-Economic Justice through Human Rights.

The course includes a 4 week period with approximately 24 hours of active learning through readings, videos, discussions, surveys and quizzes.

The course is mostly asynchronous but features some live webinars and is based on a participatory approach aimed at developing and strengthening personal critical reflection and peer-to-peer learning. Examples from different regions of the world and on different themes help identify cross-regional and cross-cutting issues and allow for a comprehensive and multidimensional understanding of the subject.

This MOOC explores current developments in the implementation of economic and social rights and their role in redressing the unjust distribution of resources and power. It examines current legal frameworks and political, social and economic challenges to better understand their links to a rights-based approach to socio-economic justice. Through regional examples and case studies, it gives an overview of the difficulties and obstacles but also of the alternatives and possible solutions.


The training takes place over 4 weeks and is organized into 2 modules:

  • Module 1 introduces a rights-based approach to socio-economic justice, emphasizing the legal, political and social perspectives of rights, justice and equality.
  • Module 2 is dedicated to socio-economic justice through human rights in practice and aims to suggest ways forward by looking at specific themes and rights such as poverty, gender, education, socio-economic justice for children.

At the end of the course, participants who actively participated in all required weekly discussions and who passed all quizzes will receive a free certificate confirming their participation.


At the end of this course, participants will have acquired:

  • Knowledge of key international standards, documents and initiatives on a rights-based approach to socio-economic justice
  • Understanding of progress and obstacles in the implementation of these standards
  • Ability to identify the multifaceted aspects of current debates on the link between socio-economic justice and human rights
  • Ability to discuss specific issues and rights from a theoretical and practical point of view
  • Raising awareness of multiple pathways to accountability and redress, as well as supporting rights-based change in the fight for socio-economic justice
Eligibility criteria

This course is aimed at participants from around the world who are actively interested and engaged in socio-economic justice and wish to deepen their knowledge of the theory and practice of applying a rights-based approach to analysis. , evaluation, repair and change in this area.

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