Credit Repair: Settle your debts with Discount

In previous articles we have told you a little more about how a credit repair company works. Of the benefits of using the Good Finance service in support of those small “potholes” in your economy. However, Solve is not limited to that.

In fact, the mission of each and every one of Resolve’s collaborators with operations in Mexico, Colombia, Argentina and now Spain- is to solve financial problems.

We have worked with more than 120,000 clients all with different needs and situations that allow us to offer a wide range of solutions and financial products. That is why in addition to alternatives so that you can settle your debts with excellent discounts, there are three great brothers of Resolve that are also part of our services.

How was the idea born to have other financial products?

How was the idea born to have other financial products?

The main idea is to be able to provide solutions to people at different stages of their financial life. And that as a client of Resolve you can continue to improve your personal economy from different approaches.


Definitely Rate is a product that consists of a “win-win”. These are loans between individuals where there is an investor who contributes an amount of money so that it can be diversified among different borrowers. And for the security of the investor, there is a system (developed by analysts) that selects those who are subjects of credit (people with good financial health) and provide greater returns to the money of the investors.

How does it relate to Good Finance?

How does it relate to Good Finance?

If you are not a candidate to enter the debt repair company, you may be able to meet the requirements for a loan in Good Credit. With it you can unify your debts with a better interest rate.

Or on the other hand, if you have already graduated from the Good Finance program, and you have that great habit of saving that can help you have a healthy financial life. You can continue saving a monthly amount of savings but now to invest it in The Rate and have profits of 15% on average.

Not only are you debt free, with Good Credit you would also be generating performance for a trip, your children’s tuition, a new car or even a house within a few years.

If you would like to know more about this product, visit this link.


If yours, entrepreneurship is yours, we also have an alternative where you can have the best technology for your accounting.

The Enconta platform offers solutions to avoid this manual and boring work of having order with your business numbers.

If you have doubts about continuing with your accountant or finally renewing, just ask yourself how you know that your accountant is really presenting your statements.

Some of our clients have borrowed due to their own businesses, in which they have opted for their savings, their own assets and that of their family to move it forward.

It is also important that you always have your accounting both as a natural person and a legal person in the best conditions, because remember to respect the Treasury.

If you would like to know more about this product, visit this link.


We have discussed on other occasions how the credit bureau works and that negative brands can take years to erase and therefore, that you are not subject to credit in a long time.

Check is our version of “credit card” so that the best clients of Good Finance, begin to report positively to the credit bureau and improve their history. It is a pilot product that we continue testing and is still in its pilot stage.

How does Check relate to Good Finance?

How does Check relate to Good Finance?

This financial product is made for graduates of the Good Finance program. That is, those clients who managed to resolve all their debts with us and begin a new stage of their life, where they can report to the bureau and improve their credit score. For your financial possibilities to expand. If you are interested, in 2019 it will be its launch and we will have you informed.

Now that you have knowledge of all the business lines that we handle in Resolve. You will realize that everything is a cycle. We solve financial problems but you can also learn not to have them. Thus, people who manage to settle their debts, improve their credit history, save and even, by healing their financial life, can invest.

We know that it is not easy, and that we are rarely taught to handle our finances correctly. With our financial products like those of Resolve, it is possible to develop a financial experience, and to do it well in many aspects of life.