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Crime wave hits Triumphant Mercy Lebanon

Lebanon (MNN) – The flight to Lebanon is up 265%. A Beirut-based research company compared crime rates in the first ten months of 2021 to the same period in 2019.

Endless crises in Lebanon are causing widespread despair. UNESCO estimates that 1.25 million Lebanese families live below the poverty line, and 40 percent are below the extreme poverty line.

“The increase in crime, and theft in particular, is the result of political and economic instability,” a security source said. Beirut today.

Officials received more than 500 theft reports in October alone. Departments are not spared.

“Last week, we had one of our generators stolen. We had it in a metal box with a double lock, but still people came in at night and broke all the locks, ”Nuna de Triumphant Mercy Lebanon said.

“Last night someone also tried to open one of our centers because we have computers and sewing machines. It wasn’t stolen, praise God, but the people are trying to steal.

The loss comes as Triumphant Mercy prepares a Christmas celebration for the poorest of the poor. “We’re going to have a party with the kids; take them to a playground, do a Christmas activity and give them gifts, ”says Nuna.

(Photo courtesy of Triumphant Mercy)

“We’re trying to make people feel a little better, which means it’s not just a bunch of ordinary food – beans, pasta and rice – but meat and vegetables and a whole dinner, ”she continues.

“We try to celebrate wildly because I want people to feast on Jesus.”

Pray that the celebration will direct people to Christ. Help provide supplies for the Christmas celebration by donating online here.

Pray that “even in a desperate situation we will be a ray of light and bring some joy to people’s lives,” Nuna asks.

“We want to give hope and bring the knowledge that Jesus is near. It’s Emmanuel. He is God with us, and he has not left the people.

Header image is a representative archive photo courtesy of Flex Point Sécurité / Unsplash.