Economic integration

Egyptian President vows to strengthen regional economic integration

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi has pledged to realize his country’s vision of deepening economic integration between countries in the region and accelerating economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic.

During his presidency of the 21st session of the Common Market for Eastern and Southern African Countries (COMESA), Sissi highlighted the vital role played by the regional economic group in achieving sustainable development for member states.

In his acceptance speech to chair the COMESA meeting, Sisi stressed the need for joint efforts to address the challenges of the region, noting that global and regional economies have seen many developments since the last COMESA summit. in 2018.

The president said that the progress made in continental economic integration has also been accompanied by many challenges.

Despite efforts to deal with the coronavirus pandemic, the region is still suffering from its repercussions and the recovery is slow.

He explained that the achievements demonstrate a real will and a firm determination of COMESA member states to achieve “regional economic integration in the region, adopting best practices and policies for free trade between our countries, modernizing infrastructure , achieve industrial development and work to attract more investment in the region.

“This summit produced tangible results represented by the launch of the COMESA Medium Term Strategy 2021-2025, which is proof of a clear and thoughtful vision of all Member States to strengthen cooperation in all fields.

Sisi confirmed Egypt’s full support and continued assistance to all African peoples in their quest for regional economic integration.

“We have confidence in the strength and determination of the peoples of the continent to lead their countries towards peace, security, stability and justice, being the pillars of economic development.”

Sissi explained that the repercussions of the pandemic affirm the importance of regional integration and joint action to deal with it.

He said the common market must develop a clear plan to create regional integration in the health sector and national policies to ensure easy access to medical and pharmaceutical products among member states.

The President urged member states to increase awareness among citizens of the COMESA region to benefit from COVID-19 vaccines.