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First anniversary of the non-profit media platform The Progress Network

The world won’t go to hell in a hand basket, says think tank on new and constructive ideas

Posted: October 14, 2021 at 5:35 p.m. EDT|Update: 13 hours ago

NEW YORK, October 14, 2021 / PRNewswire / – With over 100 members and thousands of community members, The Progress Network is celebrating its first anniversary today as a media platform and space for ideas to envision and develop a bright future at a an era defined not only by the Covid-19 pandemic and climate change, but also by the assumption that the world is on a dangerous path down.

I launched the Progress Network last year with the belief that we can create the future of our dreams instead of the future of our fears, ”explained the author and columnist. Zacharie Karabell, founder of The Progress Network. To do this, we need to pay more attention to what works and how we actually solve many of the problems wehave done. A year later, we have made a significant start towards building a strong network of thinkers and actors creating a more constructive present and a better future. “

Distinguished members of the Progress Network include David brooks, Hubert Joly, Heather McGhee, Krista tippett, Steven pinker, Matthew Yglesias, Bina venkataraman, Anne-Marie Slaughter, and Fareed Zakaria. While they may not speak with one voice, they are united in the belief that with the right focus and the right effort the world can move forward.

Under the general management of Emma Varvaloucas, former editor-in-chief of Tricycle: the Buddhist review, the nonprofit news platform hosts live events with panel discussions with its members and publishes a weekly newsletter whose collection of news about progress from around the world is an antidote to addictive doomscrolling.

Karabell and Varvaloucas co-host the anti-apocalypse conversational podcast What could be wrong? “, Available on The Progress Network’s website as well as all major podcast platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

The progress networkThe numbers for the first year are impressive:

101 members | 32,107 website users

49,115 views of the Progress networkeditorial content
238,000 ad views
Total: 287,115 views

Social media
17.5K Twitter followers
1.5 million Tweets impressions per month
5,031 Facebook followers
814 Instagram followers

What could be going well? Podcast: 51,668 downloads

What could be going well? weekly newsletter: 3,917 readers

The Progress Network also conducts exclusive and individual video interviews with its members, published on the site and its YouTube channel. The Progress in Five Minutes “focuses on one important issue each month. In early winter, The Progress Network will begin publishing a full schedule of original written content, including reported articles and opinion pieces by journalists, d renowned innovators and thought leaders, areas of interest include politics, health, science, foreign affairs, climate change, technology, psychology, race relations and economic outcomes.

The Progress Network has been an invaluable source of ideas, inspiration and practical suggestions, ”said Deborah and James Fallows, two members of The Progress Network, both journalists and founders of Our Towns Civic Foundation. “He has accomplished a lot in just a year, and we look forward to even more.”

The Progress Network is based at New America, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit, and is supported by individual contributions. To find out more or to subscribe to the weekly newsletter, visit Follow on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at @progressntwrk. For media inquiries, contact Executive Director Emma Varvaloucas at [email protected]

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