Economic integration

FM Assistant: Economic integration “priority” for Egypt to achieve development in Africa

CAIRO – November 22, 2021: Deputy Foreign Minister Ambassador Soha Gendy said Egypt’s hosting of the COMESA summit at this time is a “clear message that economic integration is the one of Egypt’s main priorities to achieve the required development in Africa”.

Ambassador Soha Gendy added – in a statement to “Extra News” channel on Monday, that during Egypt’s COMESA Chairmanship, work will be carried out to achieve the dimension of economic integration, supporting economic development projects, investment in small and medium-sized projects, and investment in people.

She stressed that Egypt is a leading country on the African continent, noting that Egypt has a real will and desire to share its growth with the African continent and these successful strategic plans which can be replicated in other states. .

She pointed out that COMESA is one of the African organizations that will be the nucleus of the larger grouping, which is the free trade agreement, in which all African member states will participate.

Tomorrow, Tuesday, Egypt is expected to assume the presidency of the 21st COMESA Summit in the administrative capital, which will be held under the slogan “Building Resilience through Strategic Digital Economic Integration“. Strengthen the capacity of the 21 members of the assembly to withstand the repercussions of Corona.