Economic integration

Hong Kong trade chief stresses importance of regional economic integration at APEC meeting

Taking steps to reconnect the Asia-Pacific region is undoubtedly members’ shared priority to foster economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, Commerce and Economic Development Secretary Edward Yau told a meeting. of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC). .

He said that two years into the Covid pandemic, the global economy is still grappling with many uncertainties and challenges. In these difficult times, international cooperation is more important than ever.

He said Hong Kong firmly believes that free and open trade and investment play an important role in reconnecting the Asia-Pacific region, and is willing and ready to join the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership to help build an expanded free trade area. of Asia-Pacific.

Yau also mentioned Hong Kong’s plan to establish a “digital economy development committee” to accelerate progress in the digital economy, and called on member economies to leverage digital technology to reduce trade costs. , facilitate investment and resume cross-border travel.

He urged members to consider incremental steps to address new and emerging environmental goods and to continue discussions on environmental services, highlighting APEC’s role as a pioneer in driving business collaboration to pursue environmental goals. of durability.