Economic justice

Jews for racial and economic justice

Techouva team

At JFREJ, teshuva refers to our process of combating damage by collectively returning to our values ​​of justice and care for the sake of reparation and our community transformation. For us, Techuva is responsible and not punitive; non-individual community; and measured by our collective ability to regularly check whether our actions align with our JFREJ-wide values ​​and principles when dangerous situations reoccur.

As part of our We Are Here 2019-2020 process, JFREJ has formed Team Techouva: community care and responsibility, guided by transformative justice executives to develop the JFREJ process to resolve conflict and reduce damage within our organization. Our team is constantly working to strengthen our capacities: by developing our skills in TJ settings with experienced TJ practitioners, and by developing TJ materials and training to share with JFREJ members.

The aim is to support our collective capacity to deal with conflict and prejudice. We focus on both prevention and mediation, working with expert consultants to establish a culture of consent in our community. We learn from past conflicts and prejudices to inform our community-wide policies and practices moving forward. This includes creating access for members and staff to TJ resources and practitioners in an effort to address everything from harassment or interpersonal violence to organizational models of prejudice or oppression. Our values ​​are survivor-centered, anti-patriarchal and anti-racist.

If you wish to contact this team confidentially, please contact [email protected]