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Local entrepreneur network announces dating and mentoring plans – Hackney Citizen

Caroline Diehl, creator of Hackney Social Founders

Hackney entrepreneurs receive extra support by sharing their experiences and reducing the sense of isolation that can come with running a social enterprise or charity.

Hackney Social Founders plans to hold in-person meetings and arrange mentorship.

It follows a pilot meeting earlier this summer that brought together social enterprises and businesses to talk about issues that affect them.

More than 90% of businesses in Hackney are small or medium-sized, according to a town hall study.

In 2017 Hackney became a ‘social enterprise borough’ and the council is one of the signatories to a manifesto to support over 300 businesses.

The manifesto aims to promote societal or environmental benefits first, rather than profit maximization.

In the ten years to 2019, Hackney experienced “rapid economic growth“.

There were 2,655 additional businesses in 2019 alone, bringing the total to 22,560 businesses in the borough.

The calculators look at the impact of the pandemic on these numbers.

The council runs the Hackney Business Network for businesses in the borough.

Unsurprisingly, given the Covid restrictions of recent years, many local entrepreneurs involved with Hackney Social Founders said they enjoyed meeting up and hearing how others had fared.

The group’s founder, Caroline Diehl, said the growing number of social entrepreneurs in Hackney “bring local passion, skills and knowledge, and are able to identify gaps and solutions to community problems. borough as well as more broadly”.

She said: “Our mission is to help our local community of founders in Hackney as much as possible, in turn giving social impact organizations in Hackney their best chance of success.

“We also want to inspire and support those interested in becoming a social founder, showing them that building a social impact organization is something achievable and fulfilling.”

Support will include in-person and online events, mentorship and resources.

The network has gained support from Tony Wong, CEO of Hackney CVS, who said it can help “reduce inequality by helping aspiring founders, often from disadvantaged backgrounds, develop ideas into social impact businesses. “.

Further information is available from [email protected]