Economic network

“MTN Ghana is committed to improving network connectivity”

To that end, it said it would extend network connectivity to underserved areas and improve existing infrastructure to boost both data and voice connectivity.

Senior Director of Corporate Communications, MTN, Ms. Georgina AsareFiagbenu said this while interacting with media professionals and other stakeholders in Sunyani on Friday.

She hinted that the company would roll out 400 new sites while the existing 746 sites would be upgraded to 4G to, among other things, help improve services to Ayoba’s more than 10 million global subscribers, which had ‘about 15 micro-applications to provide good services. to customers.

In addition to MTN’s core mandate, Ms Fiagbenu said the company has launched a plastic and waste management program to address challenges in fostering a sustainable environment.

She announced that the company had spent GH¢64 million on sustainable community projects consisting of 157 social projects; 53 health projects, 87 education projects and 13 economic empowerment projects, among others.

The Northern Sector Network Manager, Mr. Joseph Asare, in a presentation said that from January to June, the company recorded 125 fiber cuts which affected the operations of the company.

MTN Ghana, in the first half of 2022, contributed approximately 29.6% of its total revenue, amounting to approximately GH¢1.4 billion in direct and indirect taxes and payments to government agencies according to the half-year financial results of the Ghana for 2022.

The company, he said, strongly supports government development projects in the field of digital solutions, such as the expanded Girls in ICT partnership, the ICT Hub project, the Accra Innovation City project and the support of the Ghana framework. CARES.