Economic justice

“No environmental justice without social, racial and economic justice”

In his young lady speech at the fall conference this weekend, Deputy Leader Zack Polanski emphasized the importance of diversity, representation and electoral reform. “There is only one genuine response to people struggling to get by and that response is solidarity,” he said.

Polanski used his speech to pledge to campaign and speak with – rather than for – those without a voice, stressing that there is no environmental justice without social, racial and economic justice. also.

He said: “Representation is important. Diversity is important. It’s extremely important that I use this platform to campaign and speak with – rather than for – those people who don’t have that voice. There are so many people who feel invisible, unheard, unrepresented and we as a party can both connect with these people and take their concerns and needs and speak truth to power.

“At the end of the day, there is only one genuine answer to people struggling to get through this and in the Green Party we know that answer is solidarity.”

Polanski also drew attention to “our faulty electoral system” as one of the main obstacles to representation and urged Labor leader Keir Starmer to listen to his members on electoral reform: “We have a faulty electoral system which means that people are not properly represented in decisions being made on everything from the police to transport to the NHS.

“We also know that if we want adult politics; adult collaborations that work in the best interests of people, then we need proportional representation. We are delighted that Labor and Union members have backed proportional representation in overwhelming numbers. But Keir says no: no to fair votes.

“So let me say to Keir Starmer – listen to your members.”

Zack Polanski also praised his predecessor Amelia Womack, noting how her dedicated service led to the enormous growth of Green Party advisers during her eight years in the role.