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PalmettoLink Adopts Calix Network Innovation Platform for Broadband Service in South Carolina | VanillaMore

San Jose, California – Calix, Inc. announced that PalmettoLink capitalized on the Calix Intelligent Access EDGE platform to generate subscribers much faster following the launch of its new 10G software-defined network XGS-PON. PalmettoLink, based in South Carolina, is a broadband partnership between Palmetto Rural Telephone Cooperative (PRTC) and the Palmetto Electric Cooperative. Powered by the Network Innovation Platform (AXOS), PalmettoLink has reduced subscriber sign-up times by an average of 83%. This allows them to serve their communities sooner than expected without the need to hire additional installers, reducing planned operating expenses.

PRTC and Palmetto Electric Cooperative are in a unique position to provide high-speed fiber broadband services to their rural subscribers through their partnership. Both cooperatives were born out of the need for services in rural areas ignored by large, investor-owned companies. The PalmettoLink high-speed fiber network provides subscribers with access to advanced services including telehealth, online education, economic development opportunities, and more.

With EDGE Intelligent Access, PalmettoLink was able to:

  • Accelerate subscriber count by 83% with the Network Innovation Platform and E7-2 Intelligent Modular System. The E7-2 intelligent modular system supports automated provisioning of network services through the AXOS SMx connector. AXOS SMx simplifies the activation of ONT services, dramatically reducing the time needed to install and set up new services.
  • Deliver mission-critical services without downtime with the Network Innovation Platform. The Intelligent Access EDGE platform provides hardware independence and stateful operations capabilities. These features assure PalmettoLink customers that critical services will remain operational even during maintenance and upgrades.
  • Reduce integration time from months to days with AXOS Sandbox. Consistent software integrations simplify network operations and dramatically reduce OSS/BSS system integration time. With AXOS Sandbox, PalmettoLink can leverage a common model to reduce integration times. They can also test and evaluate new software and API integrations in a virtual environment virtually anywhere and anytime.

“PRTC has deployed Calix E7 GPON over the past 10 years in the markets it serves. With the recent creation of PalmettoLink, we felt the time was right to move to the network innovation platform and 10G XGS-PON,” said Tony Stout, Chief Technology Officer at PRTC. “XGS-PON will allow us to future-proof our network and provide high-speed services that support cloud gaming, smart home services, video streaming and conferencing. In addition to providing new high-speed services, the Calix XGS-PON software-defined network will allow us to maintain a significant advantage over our competitors by rapidly increasing the number of subscribers and significantly reducing integration time and costs. from the back office.

PRTC has served the South Carolina Lowcountry since 1951. PRTC serves more than 13,000 access lines in nine counties through an all-digital host-remote private line network with six central offices. Founded in 1940, Palmetto Electric Cooperative offers innovative programs to more than 75,000 customers.

“PalmettoLink is proof that broadband service providers of all sizes can transform their communities by partnering with Calix,” said Shane Eleniak, executive vice president, products at Calix. “Broadband demand is growing faster every year, but nearly 25% of rural populations are still unserved. Where consumer giants have turned away, non-traditional service providers like PRTC and Palmetto Electric Cooperative are stepping in to deliver high-quality broadband to the communities they’ve served for generations. With the Intelligent Access EDGE, Network Innovation Platform and E7-2 systems, PalmettoLink has laid a solid foundation for a scalable, secure and automated network. Process automation to reduce OPEX and a modular architecture will also allow them to adopt new technologies without impacting subscriber services. We’re excited to help them simplify their operations, excite their subscribers, and increase their value for years to come. »

Download Calix AXOS: Simplifying the Business of Broadband to learn how the Network Innovation Platform simplifies network and operations so service providers can focus on their business and beat their competition.

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