Economic integration

PM: Cambodia encourages openness and deepening economic integration

Prime Minister Hun Sen said that with the further easing of administrative and sanitary measures, Cambodia is promoting openness and deepening economic integration by promoting investment, trade, fully implementing the agreements of free trade.

The Prime Minister made the statement in a video address to the 78th UNESCAP Annual Meeting on “Common Agenda for Promoting Sustainable Development in Asia and the Pacific” on May 23.

The Prime Minister said that sustainable development is an important global agenda that requires the participation of all sectors, nationally, regionally and globally. He said the Covid-19 crisis and other challenges that have arisen have not only hampered the process of achieving sustainable development, but also reflected the need to increase and strengthen international cooperation.

He pointed out that the Covid-19 situation has improved but is not yet completely over. The main priority of the common agenda in the Asia-Pacific region as well as in the world as a whole is always to focus on the fight against Covid-19. In this regard, Cambodia attaches great importance to the culture of mutual aid, especially the sharing of the Covid-19 vaccine, aimed at building comprehensive community immunity across the world.

Prime Minister Hun Sen stressed that Cambodia believes that achieving sustainable development requires joint decisions through multilateral mechanisms, with respect for international law and each country’s sovereignty.