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Remaking the Economy: Information, Media and Economic Justice – Non Profit News

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This webinar of NPQit is Redo the economy The series tackles the question of the role of the media in achieving economic justice. Two key elements: 1) community co-creation of content, 2) community accountability. In this webinar, you will learn about the Documenters community program which Municipal office in Chicago has grown, and that has spread to other outlets, including Aberrant media in Detroit. You will also learn about different community empowerment strategies, including cooperative structures that News block by block thrives in Baltimore, Maryland. Our panelists are:

  • Candice Fortman, executive director of Aberrant media, a Detroit-based media outlet that aims to identify, report, and provide valuable information to empower residents to hold property owners, city government, and elected officials accountable.
  • Daryl Holiday, News Lab Executive Director at Municipal office in Chicago. He is a Studs Terkel Prize-winning journalist, founder of the Illustrated Press and former reporter for DNAinfo Chicago.
  • Kevon Payner, CEO and co-founder of News block by block, a Baltimore-based media cooperative owned by newsreaders and news producers that launched this year, with a mission to amplify local news and neighborhood voices.

This webinar explores:

  • How do local non-profit media and media cooperatives fill the gaps of traditional commercial media?
  • What effective strategies are nonprofit and cooperative media using to promote economic justice and hold local officials accountable?
  • What is the current state of non-profit media and media cooperatives? Where are the growth areas? What challenges do they face?
  • How are nonprofit media and media cooperatives changing the way stories are sourced? What does citizen journalism look like and what does it look like?
  • How are community media coping with the growing threat of misinformation?
  • What is the supportive ecosystem that allows community media to thrive?
  • What steps can nonprofits and philanthropy take to support the growth of community media?


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