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Russian invasion harms Turkey’s already struggling economy

Turkey (MNN) — In Turkey, people suffer from an economy slow-down. In mid-February, SAT-7 listeners in Turkey reported the rent increases by 70%. The price of essential goods and services has doubled or tripled.

Joe Willey of SAT-7 USA says, “Many families really struggle to meet their most basic needs.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine

And that was before Russia invaded Ukraine. Russia is Turkey’s biggest source of imports, and food from Ukraine has also stopped arriving. The war blocked all Black Sea trade.

Turkey has refrained from applying the same sanctions against Russia as many Western countries. But they provided Ukraine with armed drones in combat. Turkey provided Azerbaijan the same drones during his war with Armenia.

Home made

SAT-7 TÜRK broadcast Home made seeks to comfort viewers. Willey says, “The program focuses on family issues. Above all, it promotes a Christian worldview. The program has raised awareness of this financial impact on families and invites people to call or message the program while it is running.

“A viewer said, ‘It’s very necessary right now for people across the country. “”

The emphasis on family life is one that Muslims in Turkey can also appreciate. Pray that the show will act as a bridge between Christians and Muslims.

Willey asks readers to pray for God’s mercy during this difficult time. “There are many who are struggling to survive, and that is no exaggeration. Pray that SAT-7 will help raise awareness in the Turkish nation that Christians care for all who suffer. »

Header photo courtesy of SAT-7 USA.