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ZIM international network: SmartMed – Regenerative solutions for the therapies of tomorrow

DUESSELDORF, Germany – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The kickoff of the first meeting of the SmartMed (digital) network took place on Thursday, October 14e. Almost all of the network partners were able to attend the two and a half hour event and exchange ideas on current and potential projects. The emphasis here was on mutual knowledge as well as targeted networking. Using a modern network platform, participants were encouraged to exchange ideas in virtual discussion forums on the topics of digitization and artificial intelligence, new materials to restore or cure human beings. tissues and organs and new approaches to stem cell therapy.

The next network meeting is scheduled for early December 2021. The network partners largely determine the direction of the next meeting themselves; As needed, an inter-network workshop or conference on a specific topic in the field of regenerative medicine is prepared.

About SmartMed:

The international cooperation network ZIM “Regenerative solutions for the therapy of tomorrow” is funded by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy within the framework of the ZIM program (Central Innovation Program for SMEs). Network management of Silversky LifeSciences GmbH launched the association with technology skills ranging from blockchain to medical device regulation in early July 2021. Networking is coordinated by Silversky LifeSciences with its business start-up experts focused on LifeSciences technology and with extensive experience in financing, operating and developing innovative small and medium enterprises in this sector. “Each partner brings some specialist knowledge and therefore a unique contribution to the value chain in the network,” describes Dr Mirko Stange, founder and CEO of Silversky LifeSciences, the win-win situation for everyone involved.

The international focus is on the United Kingdom, which also offers German network partners a good opportunity to react to the new framework conditions, in particular after Brexit and the associated reorganization of international cooperation. The project is supported by the international network management team Maria Fenner, Lena Ehrenpreis and Jessica Stolzenberg. “The objective of the network is to network companies with R&D institutions in order to initiate a dynamic innovation policy, to promote startups and to promote the exchange and cooperation of regenerative medicine with related industries. », Explains Jessica Stolzenberg. “We want to give all SMEs and startups in the sector the opportunity to expand their network and find new cooperation partners. If there is still funding for my own research activities, I don’t know who would refuse it, ”says Lena Ehrenpreis. Maria Fenner adds: “We focus on the whole field of regenerative medicine and on the development of innovative regenerative therapies, based on the latest scientific findings and using the most modern technologies. The emphasis is on restoring the original healthy and functional state of the affected tissue / organ by connecting modern therapeutic approaches, new and functional materials, as well as the use of digital and intelligent systems in the form of algorithms, deep learning and AI. ”

The support provided by the network includes advice and practical help for marketing, applying for grants, close collaboration between experts in order to research or optimize new therapeutic methods and bring products to maturity. on the market. All interested parties are cordially invited to contact those responsible for the network to participate in the discussion, establish contacts and start exciting projects.

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